7 Most Beautiful Tourist Spots In Kupang, Hidden Gems In East Indonesia!

The eastern region of Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty that is endless to explore. Since there are many charms in the east, Kupang is one of the mandatory destinations for adventurers. Kupang is a district and capital of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province, which is located on the western side of the island of Timor. Are you planning to travel to Kupang this year?

The most beautiful tourist spots in Kupang

Its beautiful and well-groomed nature makes Kupang a popular tourist destination for both foreign and local tourists. Here are the tourist attractions that you can visit in Kupang.

1. Lasiana Beach

The city of Kupang is close to the water area, which makes this city famous for its beach tourism. Not far from the city you can enjoy the beauty of Lasiana Beach. White sand with rows of old palm trees makes this beach so beautiful. Even at first glance, this beach looks like California. There are already many facilities such as restaurants, toilets, homestays and various souvenir shops.

2. Oesapa Beach

Near Lasiana beach is O Esapa beach. This beach is suitable for those of you who like to enjoy the sunset while drinking coconut water and chatting with friends. On the beach you will find a variety of colorful chairs, resembling the atmosphere at Seminyak Beach. Balinese.

3. Oenesu Falls

When you have explored the beach, you can go to Oenesu Waterfall. Just 30 minutes from downtown Kupang, this waterfall can be a tourist attraction to relieve fatigue. In addition, you can safely swim here. After swimming, you can eat hot boiled noodles on the gazebo and a small bridge while enjoying the green scenery!

4. Namosin Beach

You don’t have to be too tired to climb a hill to enjoy the savannah. In Kupang you can enjoy the savanna on the beach. The savannah with brown color plus the expanse of blue sea water of Namosain Beach is so beautiful to behold.

5. Tablolong Beach

Still a tourist attraction on the beach but this time it’s famous for the largest seaweed production in NTT. Tablolong Beach is a quiet beach and one of the most popular spots for anglers. Many tourists also like to enjoy the underwater scenery by snorkeling, scuba diving or free diving. Although far from the city, Tablolong Beach is really worth it!

6. Monkey Cave Recreation Park

Would you like to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna of the city of Kupang? Visit Monkey Cave Recreation Park at Kelapa Satu, Alak Village, Kupang City. The park has about 300 other monkeys from four different groups living in the park area. Just like in Ubud, the monkeys here are quite friendly to visitors.

7. Hill of Love

Enjoying the view of Kupang on a green hill is very soothing indeed. If you have a chance to visit this city, don’t forget to stop by Bukit Cinta. Tourist attractions with a romantic name also present beautiful magical scenery. Bukit Cinta is located at Jalan Prof. DR. Herman Johanes, Penfui, Central Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. On top of the hill you can see a grassy area and towering shark trees.

Those are seven lists of tourist attractions you can visit in Kupang. If you plan to go out during a pandemic, always follow protocol!