Recommended 10 Romantic Honeymoon Spots In Bandung

Honeymoon Place in Bandung – Honeymoon is the most awaited moment for every newly married couple. While enjoying the first night, couples can also spend time together without anyone bothering them.

You don’t have to go abroad just for the honeymoon, because there are many interesting cities that offer a romantic atmosphere in your own country. One of them is Bandung which has a number of facilities to support your honeymoon moments with your partner.

There are many places in the City of Flowers that are suitable for honeymoons. The price is also quite affordable so it can be adjusted to suit your financial capabilities. Here are recommendations for the most romantic honeymoon spots in Bandung.

Honeymoon spot in Bandung

1. Cikole Graphics

Looking for a private place with a natural atmosphere? Cikole Graphics is the answer. The altitude of 1400 meters above sea level makes the atmosphere here so cool and refreshing.

The rows of pine trees that surround it also add to the unique atmosphere of the camp. Graphic Cikole is certainly the right place for you and your partner who like the feeling of the mountains.

This place offers not only accommodation in the middle of a pine forest, but also a campsite in the wild. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s nothing wrong with camping here.

You don’t have to worry about the facilities because Graphic Cikole offers complete facilities ranging from outbound, paintball, strawberry garden, etc. Guaranteed your honeymoon moment and your partner will feel exciting.

Interested in staying at Graphic Cikole? Prepare about 500,000 IDR to stay in a wooden inn. Pretty cheap, right? What are you waiting for, hurry up and order train tickets to Bandung in Bukalapak!

2. Padma Hotel

This hotel is known as one of the most popular honeymoon spots for newly married couples. Every guest who comes here is greeted by an impressive natural panorama. Besides the view, the rooms at Padma Hotel Bandung are also very cool.

In fact, there are room types that are designed with full glass walls that protrude directly into the green valley. Can you imagine what a beautiful view this room has to offer?

While dining, both couples can enjoy the cool air and tropical views of Indonesia unhindered. In any case, you will be very spoiled by the beautiful scenery here.

For a stay at Padma Hotel, prices vary from Rp. 1 to Rp. 3 million per night. Although quite pricey, it never hurts to spend more to stay somewhere comfortable.

3. Villa Air Natural Resort

If you and your partner really want to go to Japan for honeymoon but don’t have the budget to travel there, no need to worry as there are inns in Bandung that have the feel of Sakura Country. Is the Villa Air Natural Resort, which is designed with wooden decorations like a traditional house in Japan.

In addition to the comfortable rooms, the surroundings of this hotel also contribute greatly to the comfort of you and your partner during your honeymoon. As the name suggests, Villa Air Natural Resort offers a natural atmosphere with decorations in the form of flowing water along the river that is in front of the room.

Other facilities offered by this place include horseback riding, gardening in the strawberry orchard, and learning about botany. The room rate per night is also not that expensive, it is around Rp 1.5 to 2 million.

4. Saung Bamboo Hill

Saung Bambu Hill could be the next choice for those of you who are looking for a romantic honeymoon spot in Bandung. With a unique all-bamboo decoration, this place offers a unique and different honeymoon experience. The view of the nocturnal city light is the main attraction there.

Views of the beautiful green valley are also presented in other parts of the hotel. Suitable for those of you who want to spend your honeymoon in a calming, relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in staying at Bukit Saung Bambu, you must prepare a budget of at least IDR 1.5 million per night. The price is certainly comparable to the equipment and comfort offered.

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5. Sweep Lidi

You could say this place is the complete package. After a romantic dinner, you can stay overnight with your partner in the Sapu Lidi Resort room. This café and inn offers a warm, romantic atmosphere. The rooms at Sapu Lidi Resort are very romantic in design, complete with mosquito nets over the bed.

Furthermore, the space itself is shaped like a house on stilts over the lake. It will surely make the honeymoon moment with your partner even more special. Would you like to spend time here with your partner? Sapu Lidi Resort sets room rates from IDR 500,000 per night.

6. Imah artist

Would you like to honeymoon to a tourist spot with a village atmosphere like the Ubud area of ​​Bali? You don’t have to bother to travel to the Island of the Gods because you will find this place in Bandung. Right at Imah Artists. As soon as you arrive at the inn you will find a very strong rural atmosphere. One of the most popular honeymoon spots in Bandung has rooms near the lake, you know. Suitable for newlyweds to stay. The cost of renting accommodation is pretty affordable, you know. From a range of 500,000 rupiah per night.

Next to a romantic inn and suitable for a honeymoon. Imah Seniman is also a tourist place, you know. You can also do various activities with your beloved partner. Would you like to experience fishing for two couples? Allowed to. Or you can also go out with your partner. In the evening you can enjoy a romantic dinner at Imah Seniman’s restaurant. It’s so much fun, isn’t it?!

7. Old school Adarapura Resort & Spa

Another Bandung honeymoon spot that carries the concept of beautiful and soothing scenery is Jadul Adarapura Resort & Spa. As the name suggests, this inn carries an old-school theme. It can be seen at the inns, which are full of traditional ethnic nuances. For example, the rooms in the inn are kept in the style of a Joglo house. Although it looks old and dated from the outside. But in the room the equipment is complete, you know. There is WiFi, a large LCD TV and a bathtub. The rooms are spacious and luxurious. Guaranteed perfect for your honeymoon. If you want to stay at Jadul Adarapura Resort & Spa, prepare money from 1.5 million rupiah for accommodation cost per night.

8. The Lodge Maribaya

Do you want to enjoy the natural scenery of Lembang, Bandung with your partner? Maribaya Lodge is the right choice for Honeymoon in Bandung. The nice thing is that staying at Lodge Maribaya makes you feel like you are camping. With star hotel facilities, of course. There are two types of accommodation to choose from namely camping and joglo village house. One of the advantages of Lodge Maribaya is that it is located in a place with a playground, cafe and restaurant.

You can also take unique photos during your honeymoon in Lembang because The Lodge Maribaya has many unique photos. Ranging from photos on a magic carpet to taking photos on a floating bike. fun right?! Prepare a budget from 300,000 yes to stay at The Lodge Maribaya Resort.

9. Bunga Palace Villa

For those of you who want to experience honeymoon in the middle of a tea plantation in Lembang, Bandung area. You can stay at Villa Istana Bunga. The serene atmosphere and the cold Lembang air add to your romantic honeymoon. There are different types of villas that you can rent here. Ranging from a room to a large villa that can be rented for family gatherings. For those of you who like traditional nuances, there is a bamboo village that you can rent.

Interested in honeymoon at Villa Istana Bunga? You can rent it with prices starting from 1.5 million rupiah per night.

10. Famous Legok glamping

Ciwidey’s natural exoticism and beautiful scenery are the main attractions of Glamping Legok Kondang. As night falls, enjoy the sunshine as the stars twinkle in the sky. Glamping Legok Kondang is equipped with various types of accommodation, including standard tent, deluxe tent, family tent, luxury tent and suite tent. Other supporting facilities such as 24-hour free coffee and bonfire will surely add value. You won’t regret staying in this place!

This is the recommendation for the most romantic honeymoon in Bandung. So which place here is your choice for honeymoon with your partner?